Celebrating our 100th Anniversary

August 14, 2022 was a wonderful day in the life of our congregation.  Not only was there a great turn-out with special messages from two of our former pastors, there was a wonderful fellowship as we celebrated all the many ways that the Lord has touched lives, strengthened faith, and encouraged so many people throughout the last 100 years.  A lot of work went into this celebration and it says a lot about the people of St. Paul's who gladly took on the extra tasks required, doing whatever it was that they did as unto the Lord.

This page will remain as a historical account of the event.  Below you will find the video recording of the first service at which Pastor Matthew Tassey (2011-2021) preached.  Secondly, you will find a recording of the organ recital which followed, including a special presentation from Bedient Organ Company, chronicling the $85,000 restoration project that they completed on behalf of St. Paul's pipe organ.  Last, you will find the video recording of our last service at which Pastor Jerry Riggert (1978-1984) preached.  There are also links to the publications which were made for the occasion.  

History of St. Paul's 1922-2022

Bulletin for Morning Service 

Bulletin for Afternoon Service

Organ Recital

Opening Service



Organ Recital


Closing Service